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Steps for Applying for US Visa

Step 1: The first step to apply for a US visa is to collect all necessary documents and prepare your personal and work history. Some basic personal data includes name, contact number, address, contact details and date of birth. You will also be required to present documents such as passport, driver’s license, voter registration card or birth certificate. The biometric information such as fingerprint and retina scan must be collected from applicants with valid US work permit. The biometrics are generally collected from the applicants at the port of entry such as at San Diego, Las Vegas, Tampa or Phoenix.

Step 2: After collecting the required documents, applicants can now proceed in applying for a US visa. Applicants need to submit their signed consent on a paper form called the US immigration consent paper. Along with the consent paper, applicants must also present a copy of their immunization records, receipt of visa and passport or confirmation page. If a previous visa has been canceled, applicants need to present a copy of the canceled visa along with the relevant document for confirmation.

Step 3: When applicants have submitted all documents, they can now proceed in the visa interview. Before starting in the interview, the consular officer will clarify the procedure on how to apply for US visa in Qatar. Depending on the visa category, interviewers will conduct a basic interview or ask questions based on the information provided. Generally, interviewers begin with a general inquiry on the applicant’s knowledge about the US immigration law and basic terms. After this, the interviewers will ask questions that are specifically based on the applicant’s visa type.

Step 4: When asked if they would need a passport, most applicants state that they do not need a passport for applying for a tourist visa. However, if a person does require a passport, he or she should present one only upon request. Individuals applying for a business visa or an employment visa would need to present at least one passport, as required by their visa category. Learn more to know about visas.

Step 5: Applicants may also need to check visa status online. To do this, applicants must visit a US consular officer’s website. This website is usually located at the Department of State or the Department of Homeland Security. From the home page, applicants can click on “licensing and registration,” which will take them to a page that contains detailed instructions for acquiring a United States visa.